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From humble origins as a small trading enterprise which was started by its Founder and President Asim Abood Al Janabi, the Al Janabi Group has grown into a leading multi-sector conglomerate with head offices in four countries. The Al Janabi name is strongly embedded in the rich history of Iraq.

Our Industries

Since its establishment, the Al Janabi Group has been developing profound insights into the trading sector and its regional markets while acquiring competitive operational skills and know-how. This knowledge base is the...
Al Janabi Construction completed projects speaks for itself. From mega infrastructure projects such as roads, water and sewer refinement plants, power plants, electrical sub-stations to leading medical facilities and hospitals as well...
Banking & Insurance
Al Janabi Group Banking and Financial Investment Services are spread across Iraq and Jordan offering innovative financial solution to a wide network of investors and high worth net individuals.
Real Estate Hospitality
Al Janabi Group has vast real estate holdings in Iraq and across the world. It owns and manages large commercial, office, industrial, residential and agricultural properties. Within Iraq, these key assets contribute...
Through its multi-media arm Al Rasheed Media Company, Al Janabi Group spreads its wings into various media channels that have consistently been ranked amongst the top 3 media corporations in Iraq in...
Abna’a Dijla Co. Ltd. is a security and protection service company licensed to operate across Iraq. Using leading technology and world-class trained teams, Abna’a Dijla Co. Ltd. offers its clients customized and...
The Al Janabi Group’s agribusiness cultivates and harvests over 25,000 hectares of farmland annually. It includes thousands of livestock as well as fish farms and food processing plants. Al Janabi has played...