Real Estate & Hospitality

Real Estate & Hospitality


Al Janabi Group has vast real estate holdings in Iraq and across the world. It owns and manages large commercial, office, industrial, residential and agricultural properties. Within Iraq, these key assets contribute to rebuilding Iraq’s economic and manufacturing base as well as to the creation of jobs, food and housing. Outside Iraq , Al Janabi Group’s acquisitions include hotels, commercial, industrial, and residential properties across the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

Al Janabi Group enjoys a track record of excellence in the hospitality industry. The Group sits as a key shareholder in various leading hotel chains in Iraq and Jordan.

The lists of hotels in Baghdad are: Al-Mansour Melia Hotel, Ishtar Sheraton Hotel, Palm Hotel, Basra International Airport Hotel, Baghdad International Airport Hotel and Palestine Meridien Hotel.Al Janabi Group has also extended its hospitality investments further into Amman, Jordan through Rafedein Plaza, a luxury boutique hotel that combines an ambiance of classic Italian design, modern elegance and timeless style.

Moreover, Al Janabi Group has partnered with Al Razan Group, which is a specialized organization in the Hotel Management based in Beirut, Lebanon, founded by the Chairman Mr. Hussein El Lakis in 2010. Al Razan Group Hotel Management has built a reputation in managing business for people, by people and believes that hospitality can only be made worthwhile with individuals passionate about the sector.